4M Tin Can Robot Kit Review

4M Tin Can Robot

  • Turn an old soda can into a walking, wobbling robot
  • A robot kit that combines science with the task of recycling
  • Encourages dexterity and following instructions
  • Facilitates mechanical learning

Recommended age: 8+.

The fun idea behind this popular 4M Tin Can Robot Kit is that a kid can turn an old pop can into a walking, wobbling, google-eyed robot. If he prefer, it can be transformed to become a robotic monster too. Simply use one of the old pop cans that would normally be sent to the recycling bin for the body of the cool walking robot. Then add the different items included in this pack to make him look like a real tin robot. Goggly eyes wobble comically and long curly-straw arms twist into all kinds of silly positions as your kid’s brand new recycled friend happily dances across the table. Watch your kid’s delight and sense of accomplishment with the robot he just created.

This is a cool robotics kit for kids that combines science with the important task of recycling. It encourages dexterity and following instructions. Kids can learn about how the new robot works, how cams work, why the can makes that strange buzzing sound, plus all kinds of interesting stuff about resonance.

Included in this kit are 4 body rings, 1 short leg, 1 long leg, 2 gripper hands, 2 straw attachments, 1 toy motor with gear, screws, 4 bolts and nuts, 2 terminal caps, 1 battery casing with cover and wires, 2 moving eyes, 2 plastic feet, 1 motor/axle cover, 1 axle with gear, 1 body plate, 2 bendy straws, 2 metal wires, 2 eye base plates and detailed instructions. Requires two AAA batteries (not included).