Ozobot Bit 2.0 and Ozobot Evo Robot Review

Playtime meets programming tool in Ozobot Bit (Ozobot 2.0) and Ozobot Evo. Ozobot Bit is the first robot and Ozobot Evo is the second one from the robotic manufacturer Ozobot.  These pocket-sized cute programmable robots trudge around the floor or table, responding to commands.

Ozobot Bit 2.0 Programmable Robot

Ozobot Bit 2.0 Features at a Glance

  • Winner of “Best Robot” at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show & 2014 International Toy Fair.
  • Sees colors, follows lines and detects intersections on shapes drawn on paper and digital screens, and changes commands based on color of the lines: spinning, speeding up or slowing down, and other tricks
  • Can read and perform over 1,000 instructions. Works with apps including maze games, race tracks, and an executive decision-maker style novelty
  • Coding Ozobot with Ozoblockly, an easy-to-use block-based programming language, enables kids to learn programming while playing
  • Recommended age: 6-10.

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Ozobot Bit (Ozobot 2.0) is one of the world’s smallest smart robots. This cute little semi-transparent gadget is meant to roll directly on top of your tablet screen or computer screen, or even a piece of paper with hand-drawn lines. Ozobot bit (Ozobot 2.0) can see colors, follow lines and detect intersections on shapes you draw on paper or a digital screen, and changes commands based on what color the lines are: spinning, speeding up or slowing down, and other tricks. Twin micro-motors and a friction drivetrain delivers quiet and precise movements. Ozobot Bit’s built-in LiPo battery provides quick recharge via a micro-USB port and delivers over an hour of continuous action on a single charge. Ozobot Bit 2.0 has over 1,000 instructions it can read and perform, and apps that work with it include maze games, race tracks, and an executive decision-maker style novelty. Tablets are not necessary, but putting your Ozobot bit (Ozobot 2.0) on a tablet will broaden its possibilities dramatically.

The brain behind the cute little robot is OzoBlockly. Powered by Google’s Blockly, OzoBlockly is a easy to use block-based programming editor. This simplified visual programming language enables kids to learn programming while learning how to think creatively, reason logically and work collaboratively. Ozobot bit (Ozobot 2.0) is a helpful tool to break the “difficult/boring” stigma associated with learning computer science. Ozobot gamifies STEM and computer science learning through a collection of game based activities and digital apps. Its easy-to-understand color coded language makes Ozobot Bit (Ozobot 2.0) a great choice for introducing young minds to programming and analytical thinking. There are free downloadable STEM lesson plans and workshops from Ozobot, the maker.

Since its launch, Ozobot has received hundreds of favorable reviews from top tier reviewers and influencers. Ozobot also garnered over a dozen of top industry awards including 2015 Kapi Awards (Best Robot Winner), CES 2015 Editors Choice Awards (Best of Show), 2015 Toy of the Year (TOTY) Award Finalist (Innovative Toy of the Year), 2015 Academics’ Choice Brain Toy Award Winner.

What’s in the box: 1 Ozobot Bit 2.0, 1 custom skin, 1 carrying case, 1 USB charging cable, a playground, and instruction booklet.

Ozobot Bit Product Line Options

Ozobot Bit comes in a crystal white and titanium black colors. There are single and dual packs.

Ozobot Starter Pack offers a simple fun and engaging introduction into programming with Ozobot for new users, who can play and personalize Bit with stickers, pop-outs, and DIY skin. The starter box contains:  1 Ozobot Bit coding robot, 4 color code markers, 2 DIY skins, 25 STEAM activities, DIY stickers and pop-outs, Quick Start Guide, charging cable.

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Ozobot Evo vs. Ozobot Bit

Ozobot Evo is another line of Ozobot which is targeted for older kids from 8 to 14. This line also cost more than Ozobot Bit.  Here is Ozobot Evo’s big upgrade form Bit: a full-fledged programming system that lets users code actions directly into the robot. The 1.25 inch Evo was awarded PC Magazine’s 2016 Editor’s Choice and named one of the “coolest toys” by CNN Tech. What are the differences between them in term of features? We compare these two line of Ozobot programmable robots side by side for you.

Ozobot Bit

Ozobot Evo

Color Codes Yes Yes
OzoBlockly Programming Yes Yes
Line Following Yes Yes
OzoSkins Yes Yes
USB Charging Cable Yes Yes
Free Web Activities Yes Yes
Remote Control Mode Yes No
Expressive LEDs Yes No
Expressive Sounds Yes No
Bluetooth® Smart Yes No
iOS + Android Evo App Yes No
OzoChat + Ozojis Yes No
Marvel Skins + Missions (sold separately) Yes No
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Ozobot Evo Product Line Options

Similar to Ozobot Bit, Ozobot Evo also comes in two colors (white and black) and different packaging for buyers’ continence.  There are also Evo Starter Pack for new users as well as some fun packs.

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Alternative products, bundles and accessories:

Ozobot Accessory Kit for Bit

  • Ozobot Accessory Kit (Construction Series) for use with Ozobot Bit.
  • Create challenges and DIY activities, or even design your own games to share with all your friends and the amazing Ozobot community.
  • Comes with 4 construction extensions, 2 DIY skins, 6 blocks, 1 pop-out sheet, 1 accessory sticker sheet & 1 block sticker sheet

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Ozobot Washable Markers, Color Code Drawing, Works with 1.0 and 2.0 Series

  • Draw color combinations of red, blue, green and black to control Ozobot’s movements.
  • Simply start with a plain piece of white paper and Ozobot markers to experience the magic.
  • Begin by learning Ozobot’s simple color language as you draw mazes, paths, and intersections. Create entire worlds to explore puzzling playgrounds, fast tracks and intricate labyrinths.
  • You will learn the first tricks to control your Ozobot using your creativity and imagination.

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Ozoeasy Sticker Codes (Starter Pack) for use with Ozobot

Ozoeasy Sticker Codes (Speed + Direction Pack) for use with Ozobot

Ozoeasy Sticker Codes (Timers + Moves + Ends Pack) for use with...

Ozoeasy Sticker Codes (Dots Pack) for use with Ozobot

Ozoeasy Sticker Codes (Make Your Own Pack) for use with Ozobot