Wonder Workshop Dash, Dot & Cue Programmable Robots Review

Wonder Workshop, the robot maker, has put a lot of thoughts into their quality programmable robots, Dash, Dot and the newest sibling Cue. These smart robots are not only cute and cool enough to immediately engage children to have fun with, they will also teach curious young mind programing and critical thinking skills with hours of programmable potential.

Wonder Workshop Dash & Dot Robots

Features at a Glance

  • Adorable bots with brains can be fun playmates as well as useful desk pets
  • The bots arrive fully assembled. Use an iPad or Android tablet to access free apps that control them
  • Dash & Dot interact with the world using sensors. They can hear sounds and detect objects
  • Smart robots can actually teach kids ages 5+ to code as they play
  • The easy-to-use drag-and-drop programming language, Blockly, provides a low floor but a high ceiling for coding
  • Program Dash & Dot to do anything imaginable, from basic movements to following complex sequences and instructions
  • Add-ons extend the fun: play a song, take videos, add LEGO® bricks and more.
  • Recommended age: 5+.

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Dash & Dot from Wonder Workshop would be the most adorable bots. They do not have a humanoid shape and yet these bots seem to be the most life-like robots. Despite the cuteness and simulated eye blinks, there are brains beneath the beauty here. They are hard to find programmable robots for kids ages as young as 5.

Blockly is a program that can be downloaded onto kids’ iPads so that they can easily create programs for Dot and Dash. Both have the potential to be fun playmates as well as useful desk pets. Dot or Dash can be programmed to do unlimited things, from basic movement, to pick up objects, to tell stories, to follow complex sequences and instructions. You may catch them say “OK” with a sigh or even snores if they have been left alone. With visual programming, there is a low floor but a high ceiling for coding with Blockly, a drag-and-drop programming language that snaps together like puzzle pieces. Kids will learn programming concepts as they play. My 5 years old was fascinated to see the bots turn, run and squeal with his own coding.

Dot and Dash can work beautifully in a group environment. The most fun is to be had when children are thinking collaboratively and coming up with new ideas on what to do with it and how to achieve the goals. Dash & Dot are even more fun with add-ons. Play a song on Dash’s Xylophone, take videos using the smartphone mount, add LEGO® bricks with the Brick Connectors and more.

Those adorable programmable robots with personalities are fun to play with, and can spark kids’ creativity and interests in programming. What can you ask for more from a toy?

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Wonder Workshop Dash & Dot Robot Product Line Options

Based on your budget, you can choose to go with either Dash or Dot robot alone, or get both of them to have more fun. Additional accessories will let you do more things with Dash & Dot robots.  Click any Wonder Workshop Robot or accessories below to check its price and customer reviews.

Introducing Wonder Workshop Cue Robot

 Wonder Workshop Cue Robot, the new addition in this family, is coding robot for older kids. Not like his younger sibling’s bright prime colors, Cue robot has a sleeker, cooler palette, a bit more fitting for its 11+ audience.
Cue comes with a new AI engine that lets code-curious kids actively engage with the robot (and its four different avatars) via a text-based chat function that includes a vocabulary of more than 170,000 words. With Cue’s iOS, Android and Kindle app, kids can use a simple block program or JavaScript text mode to program Cue in a freestyle coding environment. With Cue’s all kinds of cool features such as proximity sensors, encoders, a gyro, an accelerometer and a microphone, the playing is enhanced to another level. Kids can engage Cue’s intelligent auto modes (seek, avoid, and explore) to navigate tight corners or obstacles while expressing personality. And starting November 2017, Cue supports Apple’s Swift programming language through a new Swift Playgrounds Playbook.


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